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The Cultural Pulse

The ‘Cultural Pulse’ is a measure of hidden values within a person which reflects their own life conditions. Social and Cultural ‘DNA’ is a measure of the ‘Pulse’ of a family, community, group or organisation. This then shows the tensions and synergies between the person and the family, community, group or organisation. This allows for an understanding of the differences between preferred ways of living or ’cultures’. The Competing Values, Culture and Change Framework extends this understanding by looking at how we talk about ourselves and organisations and how we sense them. These are powerful tools that allow ‘emergence’ to a new wished for future based on the preferences for life of the individual


Social & Cultural ‘DNA’

Social and Cultural ‘DNA’ is a metaphor for how societies developed over the last 100,000 years. Each person carries within them the residuals of these basic and ‘hidden’ cultural value systems. The intensity of each system discovers the way we cope with our life conditions today. By measuring this intensity it gives a view of the health of the ‘Integral Pulse’.

Culture Shaping

Culture is a living breathing entity that needs tending, to make sure it is in its healthiest form. To produce a vibrant and healthy culture needs an understanding of the ‘integral Pulse’ of the culture and the people within it. Culture shaping helps with making it healthy whatever that means to that family, community, group or organisation, while recognising that this may be sensed by other ‘cultures’ and people as unhealthy.

Competing, Values, Culture & Change Framework (CVCCF)

CVCCF builds on the measure of the health of the ‘Integral Pulse’ by extending it to measure the tensions and gaps between what we say and what we sense about a family, community, group or organisation. The tensions and dissonance this creates is shown in organisations in, for example, their vision and values statement that is often at odds with the cultural pulse of the organisation. The adage is “say one thing and do another”.