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Support You

Support You – How 5 Deep Support their Customers


To support you, 5 Deep is not a consultancy but an attractor field that enables emergence to a new and sustainable future. Change lies at its core. We have no predefined solutions as each person and organisation is unique in surviving in their own life conditions.

The work we do often has a intense effect on those we work with, from entire corporate communities to supply chains reaching far beyond individual organisations to individual mentoring and self-development. We do not have any ‘packaged’ answers but through our global knowledge network we can will find people with the right experience to meet your needs. We help you find the links that cause tension and dissonance between people, communities, suppliers and customers by working in the ‘white space’ between. This allows a different perspective and a ‘shift’ in thinking leading to new solutions to old or new challenges or successes.


Feel the Depth

The breadth of use of this ‘view’ is as vast as our, and your imagination can reach. From large-scale at a country level to supply chains to project management to culture shaping and personal development

For example, an area where ‘Integral Pulse’ consistently demonstrate marked impact on both individual and organisational performance is when misalignment of Social ‘DNA’ occurs.

These techniques have been successfully used at international level by the UN, at national level during the transition in South Africa, at local level to help create understanding and solutions in the UK, USA and Netherlands in a variety of areas such as Police Forces.

In Europe, USA, NZ and Australia and across the globe, communities and industries as diverse as Health, Education, Manufacturing, Banking, PR, Food and Drink, Sport have experienced the remarkable results.

Mentoring, Coaching, Counselling and Utilities companies are just some more small examples.


Never Mind the Price

Because we are passionate about our work and like to work with people and organisations who are passionate about their lives and the outcomes they are striving for, ‘normal’ pricing logic does not apply.

It is up to you, the client to decide what value to place on our work and more specifically, on the results that flow from our listening, understanding, thinking and applying our minds and resource to help produce the results and outcomes you desire.

We ask that our costs are covered and thereafter we ask that you decide on the value added and contribute to our ongoing work in such amount.

Trust and respect is a leading principle enabling emergence.