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5 Deep offer online and face to face to Intentional Integral Practice (SDi) Level 1.

OrganizationView Overview By Aldo Ilardi

Aldo Ilardi of Plataforma Aurea, Chile - this gives a detailed overview of the elements of our new instrument OrganizationView OV1 survey instrument. This instrument needs to be used in conjunction with an individual CultureView survey. Follow this link to their blog.
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On Line Course

Intentional Integral Practice (IIP) I am starting a new intake for Oct 16 for my combined level 1 and Level 2 course in Intentional Integral Practice. This is an in depth course which cover's the work of Professor Clare W Graves, the work Beck and Cowan (Spiral Dynamics), Ken Wilber, many others and my own research on memetics, heuristics and…
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Online course in Human social cultural behavior.

New Online course in Human social cultural behavior. We are now offering a new combined course which is now enrolling on a continuous basis - This means you can do your journey of discovery in your own time - have one to one sessions but still be part of a larger group. Completion of the new Intentional Integral Practice Certificate…
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Undated Training Website

The future of training in Social and Cultural Dynamics. I have updated site to reflect the developments of 5 deep Vital Signs as a new centred for understanding Social and Cultural Dynamics. In the next few months our Intentional Integral Practice (IIP) will also be updated to include our experience over the last 17 years. Want to know more…
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The Golbal reach of on-line training

I am finding it pleasing with amount of interest in the on-line training courses.  This week 3 students have joined form South America. The ability to use Google Translate pro means I can support my teaching by being able to translate my thoughts and support into the local languages. I have set up the courses so that it is a…
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