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OrganizationView Overview By Aldo Ilardi

Aldo Ilardi of Plataforma Aurea, Chile - this gives a detailed overview of the elements of our new instrument OrganizationView OV1 survey instrument. This instrument needs to be used in conjunction with an individual CultureView survey. Follow this link to their blog.
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On Line Course

Intentional Integral Practice (IIP) I am starting a new intake for Oct 16 for my combined level 1 and Level 2 course in Intentional Integral Practice. This is an in depth course which cover's the work of Professor Clare W Graves, the work Beck and Cowan (Spiral Dynamics), Ken Wilber, many others and my own research on memetics, heuristics and…
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Online course in Human social cultural behavior.

New Online course in Human social cultural behavior. We are now offering a new combined course which is now enrolling on a continuous basis - This means you can do your journey of discovery in your own time - have one to one sessions but still be part of a larger group. Completion of the new Intentional Integral Practice Certificate…
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CultureView CS3 and CS5 Social and Cultural Dynamics – Introverts Extroverts.

CultureView CS3 and CS5 Social and Cultural Dynamics. We have added Introvert Extrovert characteristics to these on-line assessments of Coping Mechanisms, Change States, 1st Order 2nd Order Change, Left (digital) Right (Analogue) Brain, Multiple Bottom Lines. It is so important to understand how an Introvert or Extrovert engage with the world and how this are shown to others from their…
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Part 1. Perceptions Morals Ethics.

Perceptions – Moral dilemmas – Ethics in the workplace – Part 1. I have been fortunate to be chair of our local business club iKanDo – a three month stint. The purpose of the club is one of mutual support, sharing of knowledge and expertise but above all developing yourself and understanding the world around you. Earlier in the year…
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Changing Consciousness

With my work on coping mechanisms and coping systems this quote strongly resonated with me. “By and large the people who have most changed history have not been the great generals or politicians, but the artists and thinkers. An individual sitting alone in a room, giving birth to an idea, can do more to change the course of history than…
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