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The latest stories from our customers

Dr John Cook - June 2017 – The Great Delusions. Quote “delusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real…” Or “the act of tricking or deceiving someone: the state of being deluded” Merriam-Webster dictionary Time as usual moves on and we are now, in New Zealand, it is nearly winter. Daylight saving…
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OrganizationView Overview By Aldo Ilardi

Aldo Ilardi of Plataforma Aurea, Chile - this gives a detailed overview of the elements of our new instrument OrganizationView OV1 survey instrument. This instrument needs to be used in conjunction with an individual CultureView survey. Follow this link to their blog.
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Customer Stories

Customers and users of our Understanding Human Social & Cultural Behaviours will be posting stories about their experiences and success of using our tools and techniques. If you would like to add up to 300 words please feel free to do so.
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