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August 2016 Newsletter

An introduction to a support services framework offered by 5 Deep Limited (NZ) – a core member of the 5 Deep Network

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August 2016 (Second Edition).

  1. Feature stories from Practitioners.
  2. Feature Assessment – The journey to “Teal’
  3. Teams and Coaching.
  4. Team working a new way to communicate with those interested in our approach. A tool called Slack.
  5. Overview of the on-line Cultural and Change Assessments.
  6. New dashboard reports for understanding human social cultural behaviours.
  7. Tips and Tricks for those who already have an account.
  8. On-line training for Intentional Integral Practice
  9. What is happening in the marketplace.
  10. And Finally – Closing remarks and a Feedback survey on what you would like to see in our Newsletter.

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