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5 Deep Limited (UK)

5 Deep UK was established in 2001, to work on a big question, “In order to meet basic human needs, how do we ensure that innovations considered beneficial to all life are accessible to all, and become widely adopted?”

Today the experiment is over, and we are applying the wisdom gained in as many contexts as possible. We assist wherever there are human beings with a burning question, doubt, or despair, and a sense that something needs to change but they are not sure what!

Our overall approach is based upon a simple integral design question:

How should who manage / teach / lead, whom, to do what, why, where, when and with what consequences?

We seek inspired solutions that lead to:

  • Flex – adaptability and resilience in mind, heart, and body.
  • Fit – purposeful coherence and alignment with self, others, society, and Kosmos.
  • Flow – confident, competent, and enthusiastic utilisation of unfolding capabilities.

Our focus on Flex, Fit and Flow enables you to:

  • Develop ecological solutions for ThriveAbility.
  • Communicate with others in a way that strengthens relationships for a lifetime.
  • Apply Spiral Dynamics Integral and Integral Practice in an increasingly complex world.
  • Facilitate processes and relationships in the face-to-face and virtual worlds.
  • Bring new awareness to individuals and organisations through personal and cultural assessment.
  • Anticipate and prepare for what is coming next – naturally!

Our maxim is, success is when we are no longer needed!

The UK Team

Christopher and Sheila Cooke are the creators of Factor 100 Change and‚ Beneficial Leadership. They are committed to providing leadership insights and supportive practices in the development of strategies that move beyond sustainability.  Their premise is, “the change has already happened, you are just learning to grow into it“. Between them they have over 50 years experience in catalyzing individual and organizational change.


5 Deep UK