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Customers – What they Say

Our customers in reality become associates and 5 Deep are the illumination of the “White Spaces”  for them.

Plataforma Áurea – Chile

“We have been working with 5deep for about three years. We have learned a lot about our organization and the cultural dynamics and change process, and how to improve our work with our clients and their different values. We always receive a personal care about our concerns and process and a great theoretical support.

More than clients, we see 5deep as a core partner of our business.”

Pablo Reyes, Executive Director, Plataforma Áurea.

Human Capital Development – HCD Philippines

“HCD has worked with 5Deep and Dr. John Cook for over a decade.  We have been educated through his on-learning facility; giving us insight into training and materials design, organizational development and change processes. 

We have also benefited from Dr. Cook’s deep and broad knowledge of his subject when consulting with clients on their plans for organizational development.  We have always found him the consummate professional as a working partner.”

Beth mAcdonald, Director HCD

LORE Consulting, South Africa

“John Cook is a consultant’s consultant in the area of values and change. Over the last 10 years he has been a valuable sounding board, technical expert and innovator to my consulting business on the application of Clare Graves work in businesses.”

Ian Lawson, Owner LORE Consulting, South Africa.

Opus – New Plymouth, New Zealand

“Values determine behaviours, behaviours define culture, culture determines business success. Understanding the hidden values, knowing what to change, and when and how to intervene, and then monitoring the effectiveness of those interventions has been integral in revitalising the business in New Plymouth.”

Steve Barbarics, Business Manager, New Plymouth.

The Methodist Hospital – USA

Dear Christopher (June 2006), I am now 18 months into my two years as president of the medical staff at TMH. My time as president as been a wonderful learning opportunity for me and a chance to grow in many different ways. I would like to take the time to express my sincere gratitude for the large part you played in my learning and growth. You always had time to meet with me and discuss my thoughts on our hospital organization and culture. Your guidance as I developed my thoughts was invaluable and tremendously appreciated. I know I have done a better job as president because of our time together. I also believe that I have become both a better leader and a more thoughtful person because of our interaction. I hope that you do not mind but I have copied Michael Lieberman as I believe it was because of your work with his group and because of Michael that I had the chance to work with you in the first place.

Michael Reardon, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery
President of the Medical Staff, The Methodist Hospital

HearthStone Homes, Inc – USA

“Here at HearthStone Homes, we’ve experienced great benefit from using the onlinePeopleSCAN system. The reports we’ve received have led us to have important conversations with our associates and enabled us to coach them more holistically, as well as designing natural systems for their growth and development. It has also given us new insights and awareness that have helped us take a more integral perspective and realize more of our potential as a company. It truly enables emergence”.

John J. Smith, President/CEO of HearthStone Homes, Inc. Oct 2006

EC Harris – Engineering Consultancy

“It was like having a veil lifted from in front of our eyes”

Senior Partner EC Harris

Yorkshire Water – UK

“One of the most profound pieces of work ever done in the business”

Chris Newsome – Regulatory Manager – Yorkshire Water.

Department of Health – South Africa

“ I have 5 things we need to do with you now….”

Director Eastern Cape Dept of Health

Richard Barrett – Seven Levels of Consciousness.

“This venture with you (Aug 2003) has been the highlight of my year”

Richard Barrett – Author of the Liberation of the Corporate Soul