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Why are we called 5 Deep – What is in a name?

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What is the background to 5deep integral?

5deep integral is a synergistic and pioneering exploration of next generation professional change and innovation support services addressing individuals, organizations, cities, regions, countries and global issues.

The core wisdom that forms the basis of the 5deep point of view, stems from the conscious and extensive application and advancement of ‘Integral Theory’ since 1995,’

Integral Theory is based upon the pioneering work of leading thinkers such as Professor Clare W Graves, Dr Don Beck, Chris Cowan, Ken Wilber and others.

Christopher Cooke, a world leader and practitioner in the practical application of Integral Theory and the founder of 5deep integral, has achieved demonstrable application with individuals, organizations, cities, regions and countries.

5deep integral is the primary vehicle for such ‘Intentional Practice’ with trading centres in the UK, New Zealand and a presence USA.

5deep integral is positioned as a catalyst for the day after tomorrow’s thinking today!

What is the Background to 5 Deep Integral New Zealand?

Dr John Cook joined Christopher Cooke just after the start of 5 Deep UK and has worked with him since 1997.

John returned to New Zealand in 2003 after an absence of 20 plus years to set up 5 Deep New Zealand and tap into the ‘Integral Pulse’ for forward thinkers in the Pacific Rim.