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John Cook

John Cook PhD – Director & Focal Leader – Sense Making

John is an international thought leader in helping organization to take advantage of whom they are in their prevailing life conditions. To discover the development path that is right for them – to discover weaknesses and play to strengths. Understand the environment in which they work.

The ‘Integral Pulse’ is the pull to the future.

Since meeting with Dr Don Beck, Institute of Values & Culture in 1996 and our colleague Christopher Cooke, 5 Deep have developed practical methods for understanding the causes and effects of change.

  • The way ‘hidden’ values affect an individual and an organisation’s performance.

These techniques are used successfully internationally. For example by the UN, the transition in South Africa, understanding local communities, the UK Police Force, National Health, Education, Manufacturing, Food and Drink Industries and Utilities companies.

5 Deep are involved in most European countries, the USA and South Africa covering areas from 21st century leadership training, individual and organizational development and certified training. John’s experience is now available to build on and support individuals and organisations that have started to use these ideas.

On the practical side, John is an experienced senior international manager and consultant having gained this experience within:

  • Business, Culture and Change Consultancy.
  • Business development.
  • Mentoring and Self-development.
  • Global Automotive Tier 1,
  • FMCG packaging,
  • Rubber and Plastics Industries in UK, Europe, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

John has an MSc in Management of Change and a PhD in Culture and Organisational Development ( Sheffield Hallam University 2008).

5 Deep works within a global associate network so can add a wealth of experience.

John’s specialist management skills are ‘hands-on’ with careers in:

  • IT,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Technical and R&D,
  • Consultancy
  • Mentoring and Coaching,

John has held roles as

  • Change and Culture Consultant,
  • VP Communications and Information Systems (global),
  • Divisional Manager,
  • Technical Director,
  • European Technical Director,
  • Operations Manager.