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5 Deep Team

The 5 Deep New Zealand Team

The Local New Zealand Focal Team is part of a global 5 Deep team of international Focals who form an International support network – to provide the best wisdom and support to our customers – this meets the ‘integral Pulse’ for 5 Deep’s pull to the future.

johncookDr John Cook

The “integral pulse” of 5 Deep is to help develop organisations by applying a world leading developmental model called Competing Values, Culture and Change Framework (CVCCF). This produces a compass and map of Social ‘DNA’. (based on the work of Professor, Clare W Graves and John’s own PhD ‘action research’ into the “role of the Individual in Organisational Culture”.

John continues the ‘hands-on’ theme with a practical approach (get it done and gain the benefits) with strong interpersonal and presentational skills. This fosters the strong development of relationships and team building at all levels of an organisation.

John’s determination and lifelong belief in learning has spurred him on to transcend historical barriers to change, innovation and improvement and has made him today, as a specialist of organisational behaviour, values and cultural dynamics, affecting individuals and organisations. A master of multiple bottom line delivery. John believes in giving back his experience and skills to the community as an accredited corporate mentor for the NZIM, Business Mentors NZ and UK’s DTI.

“Individual and Organisation development by understanding Social & Cultural ‘MCA’”

(MCA = Meme Complex Architecture a social equivalent of biological ‘DNA’)

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chriscooke1Christopher Cooke

Christopher Cooke is an international senior manager, consultant, coach, confidante, counsellor, trainer and qualified engineer, with over 20 years experience in pioneering and supporting personal and organizational change. He holds a Masters Degree in Managing Change awarded through Sheffield Hallam Business School and The Centre for the Study of Change. He also holds an HND in Mechanical and Production Engineering and a BA in Environmental Monitoring and Control through the Open University. Christopher is a Member of the Institute of Water Officers, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, Member of Institute of Directors, and a Member of the International NLP Trainers Association. Website

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