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About Us

The Integral Pulse


About Us: Change is occurring and the dreams of humankind will become reality – 5 Deep by understanding ‘white space’ will help this transition – however tiny. A time of turbulence, chaos and change that is needed for humankind to be pulled towards the ‘Integral Pulse’. John Cook 2008

See and hear what others are saying – organisations and communities need to follow this lead – time for new solutions to new problems.


To bring together a collective of wisdom and knowledge to share. To use this to find practical and workable solutions to today’s and tomorrows problems.


Principles based people and organisations have greater sustainability. To take personal responsibility for our own actions. To give more than we take.


To be aware by taking a systemic and global view and ensure an alignment with a desired future for individuals, organisations and communities.

Looking at what is important to individuals in their life conditions. This allows communities and organisations to reflect and understand individuals wants, needs and wishes.

Our research on multiple priorities shows that what is important to people is in this order.

  • Trust
  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit