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5 Deep Newsletter Jan 2017

Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviours

Here is our latest Newsletter for Jan 2017

Snippet from Newsletter

“Editorial by Dr John Cook – Jan 2017

Here we are in January of a New Year 2017. Over the holiday period I reflected on the past and how time seems to move increasingly faster the older you get. In 1960 when I passed my driving test the expiry date on my licence seemed a long time away – 2008. This has been and gone and we are now 2017.


In 2016 the world has changed and some examples include Brexit and the election of Donal Trump. 2017 we may see more of the same with elections in Europe and a swing to the far right. The conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa have become part of the way of life causing misery and death and destruction. This is why after 20 years I still see the usefulness of Professor Clare W Graves framework as a map and compass. To help guide our journey to the future.”

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