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Navigating Change with Elegant Simplicity

What we do? Help You Navigate Change with Elegant Simplicity

We help you “surf the wave of change” by working with People and Organisations.Understanding the ‘hidden’ culture and change preferences. Improving multiple bottom lines. Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviour allows navigating change with elegant simplicity. Subscribe to Our Newsletter

We are part of the Teal for Teal movement based on Frederic Laloux’s book  Reinventing Organisations. There is a New Zealand group – TealNZ in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Ask us about it.

Navigating Change with Elegant Simplicity.

A New Draft Overview of the Intentional Integral Practice Model (IIP)

Navigating Change with Elegant Simplicity.

We use our unique approach to assist businesses, organisations, communities, other consultants and NGO’s by understanding Human social cultural behavior:


  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How will you know you are there?
  • How do you measure when you get there?
  • How will this impact on your stakeholders?
  • What do you need to do/change to get to your desired outcome?
  • What plans do you need to put in place?
  • What actions do you need to take?
  • Continuous audits on progress against your measurable KPI’s and CSF’s

In our own way, we have assumed responsibility for contributing to the birth of a new dimension of insight. This allows care, synergy, sensitivity in helping people to truly grow and develop to their highest potential.  We are growing one of the most significant advisory and training organisations around.


Intent, Trust, Reciprocity

The “Principle-based Approach” is one where boundary conditions, guidelines, and criteria that hold true in all situations. These are structured and aligned with the subtle dynamics of Natural Systems…

At 5 Deep, we are guided by this, in order to:

  • To provide Insights, Reframing and Inspiration – aligned with practical solutions.
  • Correct the “only planet of choice” by responding to the universal principles of free will, volition and progression.
  • Set our compass being to the evolutionary impulse.
  • Recognize the currency of the human spirit.
  • Work with our basic assumption that 80% of what we need to achieve a 1 planet intent is out there already – we just need to find, polish and utilize it.
  • In our own way, we have assumed responsibility for growing one of the most significant advisory and training companies.


Cosmos, Planet, Society, Individual

‘Integral Pulse’© provides a measure of health, the stronger the pulse the greater the pull to the future.

There is a disconnection between the Cosmos, the Earth, Society and You. Each acting as if it was an independent entity capable of survival on its own.

Organisations are beginning to understand this interconnectedness of the whole, while needing to understand individuality and allowing for the unique variety of human consciousness.

5 Deep’s approach is by recognising the whole and taking a high-level view of these interconnections, while understanding the ‘hidden’ culture, values and change characteristics within each being.

Uncovering unconscious bias that builds barriers to change.

We help you understand the interplay between life conditions and your ‘hidden self’ so that you and your organisation can achieve what is truly possible to ensure best possible health of the ‘Integral Pulse’.

Understanding the ‘Integral Pulse’ helps in gravitating change with elegant simplicity.

This allows you to link the forgotten areas of the ‘White Spaces’ © in-between.

5 Deep by showing you this different perspective enables emergence to align and change with your continuously evolving life condition – in a word becoming ‘sustainable’. Human Social and Cultural Behaviours are key tools in your tool kit.